MyMilestoneCard Why to choose

MyMilestoneCard is one of the choices for those who have a low credit score. They can apply for Milestone Credit Card to build their credit score. Generally, those who have a 640+ credit score get approved for the card, though it bad credit score you might get it.

Milestone Credit Cards are issued by the Bank of Missouri and Genesis Financial Solutions. This credit card helps you to boost the low credit limit; the maximum credit limit of the card is up to $300. Anyone residing in the USA above 18+ ages can apply for Milestone Credit Card.

MyMilestoneCard Apply

  • Fill up the mandatory details such as first name, Last name, Date of Birth, and SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Enter valid Email Address, Phone number
  • Click on Next TAB and follow the instruction to complete the application process.

Once you submit the application, wait for a few minutes to know whether you’re eligible or not. If eligible then you will receive the physical credit at the registered address.

After receiving the Milestone Credit Card, register and activate it at the MyMilestoneCard portal so that you can access payment-related information for Milestone Credit Card online.

Obtain information such as current balance, due dates, payment history, make bill payments online accessing the MyMilestoneCard portal. In case, if you find any difficulties accessing the portal kindly, contact 866-453-2636 MyMilestoneCard helpline number for assistance.


In this article, we have stated the appropriate answer to the question “Why to choose MyMilestoneCard?”. Moreover, we have covered the application steps for Milestone Credit Card online. If you have doubts or queries kindly, note them in the comment section. We will look into it!

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