MyMilestoneCard Credit Score

MyMilestoneCard accepts credit card applications from any US citizen 18+ age group. Poor or low credit score usually gets approved for the Milestone credit card. You can give try for MyMilestoneCard if you’re fed up with credit card application rejection.

The minimum credit score required is around 640+ which is considered as a low credit score. Still, you might get approved for the credit card. Milestone credit card is considered as credit score builder, make use of the card for payments, paying bills on given “Due Dates” will help you to boost the credit score.


What is the credit limit for a Milestone credit card? Well, as of now the maximum credit limit for MyMilestoneCard is $300. Willing to apply for a Milestone credit card? If yes, visit the official Milestone Credit Card portal and fill up the mandatory details to submit the application.

Shortly, you will be notified whether you’re eligible for MyMilestoneCard or not. In case, if you’re eligible you will receive a mail from Milestone Card including Physical Credit Card and necessary details at your registered address.

(NOTE: Once you receive the Milestone credit card kindly, activate the card at MyMilestoneCard portal to gain online access for payment-related information)

Need any assistance, contact the below-stated MyMilestoneCard Helpline number:

Milestone Credit Card Phone: 866-453-2636


In this article, we have discussed MyMilestoneCard and the required credit score to apply for a Milestone credit card. If you have any doubts or queries kindly, note them in the comment section. We will look into it!

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