Park Nicollet MyChart: Overview & Guideline

HealthPartners is a non-profit, integrated healthcare provider and health insurance company which is located in Bloomington, Minnesota.

It provides care, coverage, research, and education to its members, patients, and the community.

HealthPartners was established in 1957 as Group Health, a nonprofit consumer-governed health plan with a board of directors comprised of its own members and patients.

Group Health collaborated with MedCenters Health Plan in 1992 and together they formed HealthPartners.

HealthPartners collaborated with Park Nicollet Health Services of St. Louis Park on 2013 January 1 to become the new HealthPartners.

HealthPartners started an online portal for its patients.

With one-time signing up, patients can make an appointment, get online consultations, view their medical history, pay the bills, and above all contactless dealing at the time of the pandemic.

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