How to set up Costco Credit Card ?

If you have not yet applied for Costco Credit Card or forgot your account details, such as the email address, follow the following steps to register or apply for the card.

Only Costco Membership holders are eligible to apply for Costco Credit Card. If you are not a member yet and want to apply for membership follow the steps mentioned above.

Step 1. Go to or click on the link.

Step 2. Once the page loads up, you can either apply for Personal Card or Business Card. Click on ‘apply now’ in the option you are looking for.

Step 3. Or you can click here for personal card and here for business card.

Step 4. Now enter the following information:

  • Costco Membership Number,
  • Personal Information,
  • Social Security Number,
  • Country of Citizenship,
  • Mobile Phone Number,
  • Email Address, and
  • Financial Information

Step 5. After you have completed entering all the required details, click on Agree & Submit button.

That’s it, you have now successfully applied for Costco Credit Card.

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