How To Use Paypal Via Computer & Mobile ?

Creating a PayPal account is surprisingly easy. Because you can create an account via a computer connected to the internet, or via a cellphone. So you don’t need to come to the PayPal office directly, like creating an account at a conventional bank in general. Make sure you have a valid email and the mandatory age is over 18 years and you already have a previous credit card. Now follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Go to the link selection from your browser.
  2. Look at the top of the website and choose whether you want a personal PayPal account or a PayPal account for business. After making your choice, click the NEXT button.
  3. You will be redirected to a new page. Select the type of account you want, for example, a Primary account that can be used for various online shopping transactions and also accepts online money transfers.
  4. Fill in personal data in the fields that are available there, make sure to fill in all data correctly. Then click the Agree and Create Account button at the bottom.
  5. After this step, a verification page will appear which will ask you to enter the code into the column provided there. Click the Continue button located there, then click the Enter My Account button.
  6. You will find your PayPal account page after the steps above. Don’t forget to confirm via email.
  7. Check email and find the email sent by PayPal. Click the link contained in the PayPal email, so you can confirm to the PayPal website automatically.
  8. You will be taken directly to a new page on the PayPal website, where you will be asked to log in and enter the email and password that you registered earlier. 
  9. After logging in, you will be directed to a page regarding security questions. Fill in the fields with a question that is easy for you to remember, then click the Submit button at the bottom.
  10. PayPal account has been created. Now to sign up for PayPal you don’t have to do credit card verification, which means that anyone who wants to register a PayPal account is not required to have a credit card. PayPal is now connected to regular and digital savings accounts as well as debit cards.

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