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If you no longer want to use the services of BistroMD online services, then you can cancel your subscription easily. Or if you want to skip a week or two as you will be out of town or something has come up, then also you can skip a week or two. Either way, BistroMD has provided both these services to its customers which they can take easily without any hassle. 


Process to skip a week

If you don’t want to receive the food for a week or for a certain time from BistroMD, then you can do the following steps to skip your menu for a certain period. 


  1. As usual, login to your account following the methods mentioned above. 
  2. Then go to the section My Menu and browse to the DELIVERY section.
  3. III. Now scroll down to weeks you want to skip and click on the SKIP button. However, there is a deadline for you to skip a week which is Wednesday at 5 PM Eastern Time(the previous week).


Cancel Subscription

If you no longer want to receive the services of BistroMD, then you can follow the methods mentioned below to cancel your subscription.


  1. Login to your account, then go to the MY ACCOUNT section and scroll down to the PLAN section. 
  2. there you can see CANCEL MY PLAN option, click on it.
  3. III. The system will ask for your feedback and reason for your leaving, simply answer the question.
  4. Then click on CANCEL PROGRAM, your subscription will be canceled. 
  5. Like above, there is also a deadline for you to cancel your subscription which is Wednesday at 5 PM Eastern Time for the week following.
  6. If you want to cancel your subscription after the deadline is crossed, then you have to contact their customer service as have been mentioned above.

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