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Ruby Tuesday excels in the way it makes way for receiving customer feedback when it comes to the food experience it offers. Through an option is known as “TellRubyTuesday.” Ruby Tuesday allows its customers to communicate the effectiveness of their eating experience. It is healthy practice as it evens the ground for satisfaction at both the ends. A feedback option such as this allows customers to communicate what they feel honest. It also helps the restaurant changes to make necessary changes always to keep serving its customers properly.

What is TellRubyTuesday?

TellRubyTuesday is a customer survey/feedback option that is open to customers of Ruby Tuesday. The American Restaurant chain makes customer happiness its priority and hopes to look into it carefully. It invites customer feedback encouragingly. The customers need to follow some simple steps to give their valuable feedback.

About Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday happens to be a multinational food service company that owns a chain of restaurants across America and several other countries. Ruby Tuesday serves American cuisine, and the popular dishes it brings on the platter are steak, soup, seafood, burgers, chicken, pasta, ribs, and salad. It also keeps the bar concept open to its customers. Thus, they serve a variety of cocktails, beer, and wine. The popularity and amplitude can guess as Ruby Tuesday has restaurants in 491 locations worldwide.


In addition to the basic goodness, the salad bar is an exciting concept that is a part of this fantastic restaurant chain. It is a name to rely on when your taste buds want to explore the delicacies of American cuisine.

How To Take Part In TellRubyTuesday

TellRubyTuesday is a customer survey/feedback option that is open to customers of Ruby Tuesday. The American Restaurant chain makes customer happiness its priority and hopes to look into it carefully. The customers need to follow some simple steps to give their valuable feedback at TellRubyTuesday Guest Satisfaction Survey.


The Tell Ruby Tuesday survey/feedback option is exceptionally concise and easy to take.  One can visit the official Survey website if he/she wishes to interact with Ruby Tuesday. The three broad categories spilled right on the main page. One can choose one of the three options presents. The customers can proceed if they want to fill in the feedback for a great dining experience for a not so excellent dining experience in case of complaints and queries. Once the main category for feedback has selected, other information needs to be filled in.

TellRubyTuesday Survey @

The fields that need to include:

Restaurant location: Here, one suppose to fill in the location of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant they visited.

Tell us about your experience: Customers can type what they feel about their eating experience in the “Tell us about your experience” box. It is good to note that one can describe how they think in great detail.

Date and Time of Visit: Customers need to fill in the date of their visit accurately. The meal that they took also needs to specify by clicking on either the “Lunch” or “Dinner” option.

Contact information: Customers also need to fill in contact information in the form of essential details like name, phone number, and e-mail.

Once all these requisite details have been filled in, one needs to click on “Submit.” TellRubyTuesday Customer Survey makes way for useful customer feedback that opens doors to enriched customer satisfaction as well as enhancement of services on the part of the restaurant. It is a responsible initiative that nourishes the eating experience gained.

Take TellRubyTuesday Survey

Questions Asked In Survey

The customer satisfaction survey first questions you about the location of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant you visited. That marks the beginning of the survey. The questions that follow are along the following lines:

  • Was the Garden Bar purchased?
  • What did the kind of meal opt? (Lunch, Dinner, Snacks/Drinks)
  • Which Fresh Garden Bar item was purchased?
  • Views on the meal
  • The views on staff and cleanliness
  • Views on all services provided
  • A comment dropbox for customers to share what they feel in their own words.

The TellRubyTuesday Feedback Survey clings to the basics and puts forward simple questions for customers based on their last visit to the restaurant. Proper feedback given by customers allows better services and an enhanced experience for customers.

How is the Survey feature helpful?

TellRubyTuesday is unique in the way it opens its guest feedback survey for a variety of purposes. As a customer, you can take up the survey to convey what you felt about your dining experience in the form of positive or negative reviews. You can also resort to TellRubyTuesday if you wish to seek answers to your questions about nutritional information.

The official website simplifies the task for the visitors. They have accomplished the simple division as they segregate three separate options, namely:

– Great experience

– Not so great experience

– Questions

People who visit the website can conveniently click on one of these options to proceed. The simplicity is commendable. A feature like this allows customers to have a friendly dining experience. It also helps establish trust between the food chain and its customers. Tell Ruby Tuesday Survey is also sincere enough in acknowledging customers’ responses, and it can understand that Ruby Tuesday cares about customer satisfaction. A feature like this into the picture that Ruby Tuesday opens doors of transparency to its customers. The people who are interested in taking the surveys can take Applebee’s Guest Survey and win many rewards and gifts.

How is Tell Ruby Tuesday unique?

Ruby Tuesday stands out in the different dining experiences it blesses its customers. Recently, it has been holding a new promotional campaign where the customers can get their choice of one select entree. It also keeps several coupons going around the corner to shape a fascinating and fun food experience.

It is interesting to note that customers who sign up for the loyalty program are greeted continuously with discount options and TellRubyTuesday Survey Code. Complimentary burgers are also a common sight at Ruby Tuesday!

One feature worth mentioning is that of the Garden bar, where Ruby Tuesday gives its customers the choice of dozens of fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. To add to all the diverse goodness, the feedback option in the form of TellRubyTuesday allows customers to appreciate the dedication of the restaurant chain further.

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Why should one take the Survey?

As a customer, one should take up the TellRubyTuesday survey to tell them about what exactly one feels about the services offered by them. Taking such a review helps customers gain a better experience tailor-made to their needs. It also helps the restaurant chain understand its customers better. That is precisely how this shaped into a “win-win” situation for both.

So, it is incredibly desirable if you look to grab delicious American bites at this delicate chain. However, visiting their website and taking up the survey proves extremely helpful for the customers as well as the restaurant. A few clicks can shape a pleasant eating experience for you!

TellRubyTuesday Survey Overview

Name Of The Survey TellRubyTuesday
Survey Conducted By Ruby Tuesday
Location USA
Eligibility Age – 18+ Years
Survey Process Online
Survey Code On the Receipt is given during the time of purchase
Validity Of The Receipt Code  7 Days
Rewards Get 50% Off
Contact Number Ruby Restaurant Support Center, 333 East Broadway Avenue Maryville, United States – 37804
Official Website

People Also Ask On TellRubyTuesday Customer Survey

Customers are often challenging when it comes to the utility and the truth behind feedback surveys. Here are the fundamental questions that tug at your head and need resolution. Some of the frequently asked questions about Tell Ruby Tuesday are as follows:

What are the benefits of taking the survey?

The TellRubyTuesday Guest Satisfaction Survey helps build a better bond between the restaurant chain and its customers. It also makes way for better services and shapes a better experience.
These simple questions help you understand the survey better. Customers should be motivated enough to take up this little survey as it further contributes to their happiness and elevated experience.

Are all customers allowed to take the survey?

Yes, all customers of Ruby Tuesday are allowed to take the Tell Ruby Tuesday survey based on their latest experiences.

Is it necessary to take the survey?

Customers don’t need to take up the survey. However, a good idea to leave the necessary feedback behind.

Are there any exciting rewards?

Ruby Tuesday blesses its customers with coupon codes and discounts that they can redeem on successive visits to the restaurant. These TellRubyTuesday Survey coupon codes and discounts can also earn after the completion of the survey.

What are the details required for the survey?

The details required for the survey are restaurant location, meal-type, personal contact information, and adequate responses based on the experience you have as a customer at Ruby Tuesday.

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