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TellOutback Survey has precisely formulated to make way for customer opinion. This customer feedback survey creates an ideal platform for customers to voice their experiences at Outback Steakhouse. Taking the survey not only helps customer satisfaction, but it also allows Outback steakhouse to make necessary changes once in a while to please its customers further. A detailed yet brief survey such as this covers all areas of importance. The result that gained from this Outback Steakhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey helps the restaurant chain understand where are they going wrong or what can done better. Outback Steakhouse is keen on taking such measures to give better customer service and save its name.

The survey conveniently designed for the ease of the customers, and all they need to do is fill up some necessary details. They thereby stand a chance to win lucrative prizes. All the essential information of the survey has discussed below, and one can choose to skim through them before taking the survey.

About Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse is known for the amalgamation of two cultures that it provides. The place perfectly blends the Australian and American cultures as this Australian themed restaurant chain lures its customers in by offering the perfect and casual American dining experience. With its roots in Tampa, Florida, the chain has spread far and wide and has restaurants spread over a 1,000 different locations across 23 different countries.

The menu that greets you at Outback Steakhouse puts you in the right mood for steak. Your appetite stirred, and your tastes buds crave while Outback blesses you with mouth-watering Starters. Like Aussie Party Platters, Aussie Tizers, Soups, Side Salads, Entry Salads, Steaks, Signature Steaks, Steak Mates, and what not! If we have to put it, when it comes to Outback Steakhouse, they look forward to serving you in the best of ways and giving you the best steak experience you have had in a while.

Outback Steakhouse

TellOutback Survey

Any restaurant chain that cares about its customers takes their opinions into account. The same goes for Outback Steakhouse. Tell Outback Survey allows customers to quickly communicate the level of satisfaction their dining experience at Outback Steakhouse blessed them. Even the official survey page says how it values the candid opinion of its customers and how it is thankful to them for the amount of time they spare to complete the survey.

TellOutback Survey needs to appreciate for the perfectly designed survey that customers could approach without any hassle. The survey presents before the customers a series of simple questions that they need to answer based on their last visit to the restaurant. These details need to carefully and truthfully filled as only honest opinions can make room for further improvement. The Outback Steakhouse survey also rewards customers as they stand a chance to win a variety of exciting prizes and rewards by simply completing the survey.

The survey initiated by Tell Outback, primarily based on the food and service experience that a customer receives at Outback Steakhouse. More details about the kind of questions asked in the survey have been discussed later in this article.

TellOutback Survey

How should one go about the survey?

Outback Steakhouse gives immense priority to customer satisfaction, and that reflected with its creation of the TellOutback Survey. This survey allows customers to participate; they can put forward a detailed opinion about the kind of experience they received at Outback Steakhouse. If you have made a recent visit to Outback Steakhouse, it is the perfect time for you to engage in this customer satisfaction survey. Taking up this survey will not only let Outback Steakhouse know how you feel, but it will also allow you to have active participation with the restaurant chains you like.

The survey is elementary to take and does not require a lot of time or effort. The customers can take up the survey by visiting the official website or using the direct telloutback outback survey link and following a few simple steps. Here are the steps that one needs to follow:

Outback Steakhouse Survey

Steps To Take TellOutback Survey

  1. Lookup for the official TellOutback survey website.
  2. Enter the survey code from the last receipt you have from Outback Steakhouse. (It may be four digits, 14 digital or 18 numbers.)
  3. After entering the receipt code, click on “Next.”
  4. Participate in the survey by answering the questions according to your experience at Outback Steakhouse.
  5. Fill in your personal details (Name, E-mail, Phone number).
  6. You have then completed the Tell Outback Survey.

Take TellOutback Survey

Lucky winners stand a chance of winning $1000 cash prize and $50 Blooming gift cards as eighty-first place prizes. TellOutback creates the perfect opportunity for customers to give their feedback and feel good about doing so. The exciting rewards make up for the fruitful experience.

Tell Outback Survey

Questions Asked In TellOutback Guest Survey

Outback survey questions its customers on specific areas of interest. The types of questions asked are as follow:

  1. Type of Visit (Dine-in/Curbside take way)
  2. Where did one sit? (At the bar/ In the dining area/At a booth in the bar)
  3. What did one order? (Food/Drinks/Both)
  4. Overall satisfaction at Outback Steakhouse (On a scale of 1-5 based on personal experience)
  5. Was one greeted while entering the restaurant?
  6. Did one wait until they could find a seat?
  7. Did one interact with the manager during their visit?
  8. Were any food items recommended explicitly from the menu based on customer interest?
  9. Did the staff recommend a beverage along with the meal?

These fundamental questions followed by rating levels of satisfaction in several key areas. We appreciate how our outback steakhouse questions its customers about everything that matters, all the way from food quantity, quality, and temperature to staff behavior and cleanliness. Questions about satisfaction with the ambiance also put up. Towards the end of the TellOutback Feedback Survey, one can opt for being a part of the race for the grand prize and then fill in their details like their name, gender, phone number, and e-mail. These contact essentials allow Outback Steakhouse to stay in touch with loyal customers about offers and discounts. It also helps them reach out to the winners of the grand prize with ease.

Outback Steakhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey Rewards 

The most exciting part about TellOutback Survey is the number of insane reward opportunities you get. If you’re the lucky ones, you stand a chance to win a $1000 cash prize. Other eighty lucky entrees have the perfect opportunity to win $50 blooming gift cards. Imagine having all of this on your table for filling up a survey, and for a restaurant, you like or expect from it to perform better.

Your constructive feedback opens the doors to earn exciting rewards and also an opportunity one should consider. TellOutback does not keep customer privileges limited to these decided rewards. Every once in a while, it comes up with new ideas and reward mechanisms to make sure that loyal customers feel that they treated well. With so many lucrative rewards in the picture, you have all the reason to spare a few minutes off the clock to take up the TellOutback Guest Satisfaction Survey. The sweepstakes prize is up for grabs, and you could be the one who wins it!

How To Redeem  Tell Outback Survey Rewards?

Outback Steakhouse effectively reaches out to its winners and makes it easy for them to redeem the exciting rewards. The company contacts the winner of the $1000 cash prize, and the transactions follow. All the lucky winners who receive $50 bloomin’’ gift cards can utilize these cards at any restaurant that falls under the brand with ease. The process is simple and well designed. To get more rewards, one can also participate in another survey named Del Taco Survey, where all the details given here.

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Frequently Asked Questions On TellOutback Feedback Survey

Here are the common doubts and frequently asked questions when it comes to the TellOutback Survey:

  1. Is there an eligibility criterion to be able to participate in the survey?

– Yes, customers who are willing to take the survey must keep in mind these details:

  • You must be a resident of the United States.
  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • One needs to preserve the order receipt because the survey asks for a code printed on that receipt.
  • You need to be literate in English/Spanish because the Tell Outback Feedback Survey is available in only these two languages.
  • If you are an Outback employee or a family member of an Outback employee, you are not eligible for the survey.

2. What are $50 Bloomin’ Gift Cards that Outback Steakhouse promises?

– Bloomin’ gift cards allow you a helpful list of tasty restaurants by the brand where you can get your next meal. These restaurants include Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, Roy’s, and quite a few other restaurants.

You can redeem your gift card at any of these places.

  1. Does the reward mechanism work?

– Yes. Outback Steakhouse is a popular food chain that is concerned with customer happiness. The reward mechanism works exceptionally well, and lucky customers stand a chance to win assured prizes.

  1. Can the survey be taken offline?

– No, the survey can only accept online using your phones, tablets, computers, or laptops.

TellOutback Customer Survey is worth your time as Outback Steakhouse is worth your visit. Customers should be encouraged to participate in these surveys as they benefit both the customers and the brand in consideration by serving them both better.

TellOutback Survey Overview

Name Of The Survey TellOutback
Survey Conducted By Outback Steakhouse
Location USA
Eligibility 16+ Years
Survey Process Online
Survey Code On the Receipt is given during the time of purchase
Validity Of The Receipt Code  one week
Rewards Get $ 50 & $ 1000 Gift Cards
Contact Number 1-813-282-1225
Official Website

People Also Ask On Telloutback Survey

Is the outback steakhouse survey safe to use?

Yes, one can take part without any issues.

When will the telloutback survey winners list is out?

The winners are announced once in a month and the reward is valid for next 30 days.

Can the tell outback survey code used multiple times?

No, the code is valid only once.

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